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Want more new customers? The secret lies in knowing who your best EXISTING customers are. Then you can find more like them. Understanding your target audience is critical for any business, especially a local, independent one - so it's important to make informed decisions based on data, not assumptions.
Staffing has been a significant challenge for the last few years. You got through and scraped together a team in this unprecedented time of staff shortages. Hopefully most of who you hired were winners and you’ll want to find ways to keep them around. Some may even be superstars. But, maybe, you are left with a few too many. OR a few that aren’t up to snuff. We're sharing some tips we discovered about how to evaluate employees and when it's time to make the tough decision on letting them go.
Many people go into business thinking that they’ll market the same way the big chain’s market. After all, if it worked for them, it’ll work for your small independent business too, won’t it? Marketing for a large corporate brand doesn’t work the same as marketing a smaller, local independent business. Instead,create marketing that takes advantage of what you have that they don’t.
Creating successful marketing is based on simple principles, follow these guidelines and examples and you are sure to grow your sales.
I encourage you to keep an open mind, you’re here because you want more growth in your business and direct mail is one proven strategy that will get you there.
Implementing customized marketing strategies to grow your sale and profits, without adding a lot of extra work to you already busy day, should get your focused attention if you want to move your income needle.