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Many people go into business thinking that they’ll market the same way the big chain’s market. After all, if it worked for them, it’ll work for your small independent business too, won’t it? Marketing for a large corporate brand doesn’t work the same as marketing a smaller, local independent business. Instead,create marketing that takes advantage of what you have that they don’t.
You never know when your customers will want what you are selling, and there are a lot of options they can choose from - including just staying home and doing nothing. So what makes them choose YOU? The trick lies in having three things in place, so that when they want or need what you have, your business comes to mind (and not your competitors!).
There’s one BIG reason why you lose customers – in fact, 68% of your customers leave because of this. Can you guess what that is?
Fixing the most common mistake is where the money is.
Since the best way to get new customers is to have a higher online review ranking than your competitors, preventing negative reviews is one of the smartest things you can do to grow your business.
One of our most successful promotions we do for our clients uses the fact that people are already thinking about taxes and this leverages that, since everyone likes a tax refund, no matter how small. It's a marketing strategy that you can use in ALL of your marketing to compel them to come back sooner and spend more money.