For Independent Auto Repair Shop Owners Looking To Increase Sales and Profits:

Royalty Rewards® is a Complete Marketing System That Delivers a Flood of Customers to Your Auto Repair Shop Every Day

See how this Auto Repair Shop Owner has a consistent car count of 70 plus cars a week and hits sales numbers approaching $1.3 million a year!

For over 18 yrs, we've helped over 856 Auto Repair Shops track over $717,006,281.67 in Sales

Build Your Dream Auto Repair Shop

The goal of your Auto Repair Shop business is to give you the lifestyle you want. Your Auto Repair Shop CAN and SHOULD be a tool to make your life better.

That means you should be taking home a decent salary, spending your time working ON your business not IN your business, and spending less time at work and more time with your family.

At Royalty Rewards® we will take your direction and put all your marketing on autopilot, customizing for your brand and monitoring and reporting the results. 

If your shop is large or small, in a big city or small town, we can create a marketing program designed especially for you. You’ll free up time and never waste a marketing dollar again.

“Our customers are so excited to receive their rewards! They can’t wait to redeem them at our shop, they keep our loyal customers happy and keep them coming back to the shop bringing in their different cars for repair work. Not only do they increase visits during our slow months, it increases our revenue. The app makes offers accessible and super easy for our customers to redeem.”
Matt Lake
Owner, AutoMax, Dublin, GA

Beat Your Competition

 You can’t market like the big chains and you don’t want to compete on price, it’s too expensive and ineffective for an Independent Shop.

Your superpower over your competitors is the ability to build a loyal, personal bond with your customers, to build the “know, like and trust” factor. 

“All things being equal, people will do business with, and refer business to, those people they know, like, and trust.” – Bob Burg

That’s exactly what Royalty Rewards® does for you. We use marketing strategies that build the bridge from being a “transaction business” to a “relationship business”.

At Royalty Rewards® we will put your marketing promotions on autopilot, building you a comprehensive marketing system that works with your customer list.  We are far more than a points and rewards loyalty program.

Keep Your Auto Repair Shop And Your Message In Front Of Your Best Customers

Royalty Rewards® is a proven relationship marketing system that integrates the #1 customer loyalty program with direct mail, email, text, social media marketing and mobile marketing campaigns. Using multiple forms of communication, we are able to introduce new customers to your shop and to increase customer retention by getting your existing customers coming back more often and spending more money every time they visit.  Your shop will be the only place they consider for all their car repairs.

Unmatched Customer Support

You will have direct access by phone and email to your own personal Success Coach – a real person you will get to know by name. Many of our clients call their Success Coach their secret weapon.

Your Success Coach will provide complete program and marketing support, monitoring your program and offering suggestions for constant improvement.

At Royalty Rewards® we are dedicated to continually improving and keeping up with the latest technological advancements in marketing to get you the best ROI, and ensure you are always ahead of your competition. Your Success Coach will lead the way.

Marketing Plan For Auto Repair Shops cover-book

Royalty Rewards® Has Changed The Lives Of These Auto Repair Shop Owners

Shop Management Software Integration

We integrate with a number of Shop Management Systems and are adding more every day! We do custom integrations so if you don’t see your shop’s system on the list, let us know!

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“Royalty Rewards has given me more time for myself and my family, and more profit from the business. We're are able to buy better tools, hire better staff, which ensures happier customers, and higher spending. Now we experience our life the way we always wanted to.”