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This seems a silly, time consuming task, but this will make you feel great to have accomplished it – and it will make you more productive as you move forward into the New Year.
We all like to think that our business is so loved by our customers that they spend time thinking about how they can come and spend money with us again. Unfortunately, they, like the rest of us, have so many other things on their mind - their work, their kids’ schoolwork, soccer schedules, piano practice, getting to the gym, grocery shopping…. The list is endless. You can’t trust that they will return automatically.
You have three advantages that your competitors lack giving you the ability to squash your competition.
Sears printed its iconic holiday Wish Book from 1933 to 2011, and once again in 2017. During its 78-year run, Sears reported that "tens of millions" in sales were made. All from mailing a catalog. They were the Amazon of their day. And now, Amazon is taking a cue from them to use use one of the oldest and most reliable forms of marketing and you should be too.
There are times in all our lives when someone gives us negative feedback or criticism that makes us cringe. How do you handle criticism when you get a negative online review, an angry customer, a frustrated employee? Here are some ways to make it easier.