Frequency for the Win

This business implemented a simple, yet powerful, marketing strategy. The result : a 50% response rate from their customers, and for every $1.00 they spent on this marketing, they earned $9.00 in sales!
Marketing isn’t magic.  It’s math.  You want three things:

1.    Customers to come in more often.
2.    Customers to spend more money.

3.    New customers.

One of the best ways to make these three things happen is by talking to your customers and giving them what they want. When you communicate directly with them frequently, you make them feel special and important.

You have no idea when or how a customer is ready to receive your messages – so regular, targeted communication though every media available is the most effective way to get them to take action.  At Royalty Rewards® we use all the media available to do this: email, text, mobile app notifications and direct mail.

Direct Mail Isn’t Dead

Direct mail is like sending a greeting card to your customers. You can tell them about new products or services, celebrate special events, or give them a special offer for a unique or fun reason. Unlike emails, direct mail is something people can touch and feel. It stands out because it’s not just another message on a screen.  And these days, not a lot arrives in our mailboxes, so it gets noticed.

The Magic Of A Special Offer

A great way to get customers to come back to your business is by giving them a special offer. In our success story, customers were sent a 6.5×11 full color, personalized postcard with an offer. People love getting a deal, and it doesn’t need to be big to get your loyal customers engaging more often.  Your customers don’t spend their day thinking about you, they need the occasional incentive to lure them back.

Success Story: A Winning Strategy

Let’s talk about a real restaurant that used this idea. This particular client is a restaurant, but it relates to any business. Our marketing works for any business with repeat transactions.

They decided to send out postcards every month with a simple offer: “FREE $5.00 OFF Any Food Item.” Guess what happened? Half of the people who got the postcard brought it into the restaurant to use the offer before it expired.

Now, let’s look at the numbers.

On average, the customers who use the postcard spent about $8,000 in sales each month. That’s a lot of money! And here’s something even more amazing: it boosted the average check by $4.00. So, the recipients spent MORE money than a regular customer who didn’t receive the offer.

For every $1.00 the restaurant spent on making and sending the postcards, they made $9.00 in sales. That’s a fantastic return on investment!

Why It Works

  1. Personal Touch: Receiving a postcard feels personal and special. It’s like your business is saying, “We value you and want you to come back.”

  2. Tangible Reminder: Unlike emails that can get lost in a crowded inbox, a postcard can be stuck on the fridge or pinned to a bulletin board. It’s a constant reminder of the offer.

  3. Easy To Use: A simple, straightforward offer like “$5.00 off any item” is easy to understand. Customers don’t have to jump through hoops to get the deal.

  4. Encourages Spending: While customers come in for the $5.00 off, they often end up spending more. This is why the restaurant makes so much money from the campaign.

Why It's Worth The Investment

Spending money on direct mail and special offers might seem like a lot at first, but it really pays off. And since we do all the work, you won’t exhaust yourself licking stamps and keeping your list up to date. When customers feel appreciated and get rewarded, they are more likely to return. Plus, they bring friends or family with them, which means even more new customers.

Final Thoughts

Talking directly to your customers through direct mail and giving them special offers can make a big difference for your business. It helps build a loyal customer base and increases sales. Just like the restaurant in our story, you can see fantastic results by investing a little and gaining a lot. So next time you think about ways to boost your business, remember the power of a friendly postcard with a great offer and a tight expiry date!

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Frequency for the Win

This business implemented a simple, yet powerful, marketing strategy. The result : a 50% response rate from their customers, and for every $1.00 they spent on this marketing, they earned $9.00 in sales!

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