Three Ideas For Engaging Holiday Content

A good marketing plan includes posting content to social media regularly, but it’s very hard to constantly come up with creative and interesting new content ideas. Not to worry, we have three more to share from our big master list, and since it’s the season for it, they are holiday related.

We talked a couple of weeks ago about the value of posting great content on your Social Media feeds as a way to convert followers into paying customers.  You can read it here if you missed it.

It’s clear that Email marketing and Social media are here to stay – and both are valuable and necessary tools in your marketing toolbox.

Social media and email marketing allow customers and followers to feel like they are getting to know you on a more personal level. Both are used to engage your readers, reminding them of your products and services, but even more importantly, demonstrating your personality, your culture and creating a connection with them so that they feel like they know you.

When you take the time to build that connection, they are more likely to respond positively to your promotions and products. In order to make the most of these platforms, be sure to engage with your followers and customers regularly, respond promptly to comments and questions, and give them a peek behind the scenes into what goes on in your business. This will help create a connection that leads to more sales and more new customers.

The challenge is…

How or what do we post to social media to make it engaging?

It’s a common and constant challenge to come up with new ideas. Email, social media and your newsletter are great engagement tools… but what the heck do you write about?

On social media feeds we scroll past dozens of posts that don’t get a second glance – until one catches our eye.  Or an email gets read because it has a compelling subject line.

One of the best ways to catch those eyes is to be connecting your posts and email topics with the things that are going on in the reader’s lives and minds.  Since we are almost in December, now is the time to be connecting with holiday themed messaging.

Here’s three ideas to get you started...

Video a mini tutorial in less than a minute – make a specialty holiday cocktail or décor item; explain the items to keep in your car before driving to the in-laws across snowy roads. Simple things that customers can do that link back to the services you provide and also tie into what’s happening in December. 

Include a compelling image with “CAPTION THIS” contest. This is a fun idea, and it also gives you more content for subsequent communication – could be a team member dressed up as Santa caught in a funny moment, or an “Elf on the Shelf” in your business, or someone shovelling snow from your massive parking lot, or anything that happens that’s out of the ordinary. 

Highlight an employee or customer and have them share a favourite holiday memory, the best gift they ever gave, or their favourite Christmas song. Offer a “secret phrase” that if said to the employee on the next visit garners a special reward/offer.  Or highlight a customer who you really appreciate, or who just bought a large amount of gift certificates.

Bonus Idea… Animal and pet posts are popular on social media so don’t miss out on using this trend. Feature your pet dressed for the holidays, or feature staff and customer pets. Have a photo contest.  Pets are some of the most engaging content on the internet.

** When you post, remember there are tools in the platforms to help you embellish your content. You can add Christmassy filters, stickers or frames or music to your photos and videos.

You can tie anything into the sale or promotion of something, get creative! When you connect with what is happening in the customer’s life – be in a national or local event or a seasonal holiday – it’s called slipstream marketing.  Highly effective marketing that is fun and connected to what is on people’s minds.

Email and social media work well because a link can be included to a booking or ordering page without them having to change media… buying is simply a click away. A newsletter is also effective because everyone looks in their mailbox and newsletters tend to float around the house getting read by everyone.  Just ensure that when you include an offer, you can track it.

Make them look forward to the content you are creating, and your response rates will increase, bringing more paying customers into your business.