The Six Biggest Business Killers

Being an Independent Business Owner is hard work, often isolating and frequently stressful. When you are able to keep the six biggest business killers at bay, your life can be a lot smoother.

Don’t let everything take care of itself. Things never take care of themselves.  The only way things work out is if you take action.  I am not saying YOU have to do everything, if anything I support doing less.  Delegation is taking action.  Hiring outside expertise is taking action.  Maximizing technology is taking action. Your success is 100% up to you.  You can always make changes along the way but you must take action.  Any action is better than no action.  Do something!

Avoid complacency. As soon as you are content, that is when your decline will begin.  Things never stay the same.  In fact, things are changing for your customers and for you at an ever- increasing rate.  Stay on top of the changes and you will be increasing your income all the time.  Let the changes pass you by and you will fall behind.  You and your business must keep growing, evolving and changing or it will eventually die.

Avoid being negative. All of us can be negative at one time or another.  It usually happens when everything is out of control, and nothing seems to go right.  You are allowed to have your bad days but then you have to give your head a shake, get over it, and move on.  Focus on what you CAN do, not what you CAN’T. Chances are your best way to get over it is by getting your marketing under control.  Once your marketing is under control, your negative thoughts will go away because it will result in more sales. 

Reinvest your income in more marketing. I know many people who have drained the success out of their lives because they wouldn’t spend a portion of their income back into their business.  I try to be cheap by reusing paper and paper clips but being cheap with your marketing is financial suicide.  Pick your spots where you are cheap but remember to spend money where it will make you more money!

Avoid Resentment. If you see someone who is extremely successful that you don’t think deserves it, don’t worry about it!  If there is anything you can learn from them, then do it.  But resentment is one of those emotions like jealousy and revenge that drain our valuable resources of time and enthusiasm.

Follow Robert Ringer’s strategy, one of my favorites, from his “Million Dollar Habits” book, The Drain People Elimination Habit. If something needs to be addressed, hit it head on. If not, get it out of your life as soon as you can.  Often you can do this by removing yourself from the situation. You need peace and teamwork to have success. You must be able to concentrate on the future.

We don’t suggest we’re a magical solution to all the stresses related to your business, but the one thing we do well is automate marketing for Independent Business Owners.  Not only that, but we’ll also assign you a personal Success Coach who will help direct and guide all you marketing, leaving you to focus on the daily managing of your business while we drive your sales and profits. 

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