The Most Valuable Asset In Your Business

It’s not what you think.

What’s the most valuable asset in your business?

Your staff?

Your building?

Your product?

Your customer service?

It’s your customer list. It gives you absolute control over when and how often your customers come to your business.

Every Business Owner knows one of the secrets to success is to collect your customer data. This isn’t a new concept. But, how many businesses have collected business cards, or created a list of their customer email addresses and then done nothing? The list only has value if you use the data to increase the frequency of visits and get your best customers to promote your business for you.

Because our clients have each built a solid list of their EXISTING customers who have given them money in the past, they were able to communicate with them during the Covid-19 crisis and let them know of changes in the services they were providing and what safety protocols were in place. Social media “likes” are great tools, but they aren’t nearly as targeted as communication to your paying customers. A large percentage of those “likes” have never even been to your establishment. Having contact information allows you to communicate and establish new habits for your customers.

With Royalty Rewards®, your customers get added automatically to your database when they see professionally designed signage that communicates the key Rewards Program benefits and encourages them to join. Customers will sign themselves up to your program, providing their customer data, into a contactless MOBILE ENROLLMENT APP that is customized for your business with your business colors, logo, and location information. Each time the customer returns, your staff will scan their app and they’ll earn points on their purchase towards future rewards.
The truth is, your existing customers are where the big money and profit is. It is 8 times more expensive to get a new customer than to keep an existing one. Your success does not depend on how many new customers you can attract, it’s about how many customers you can KEEP coming back.

Use your list to increase your sales, increase frequency of visits and to build a relationship of loyalty. Reward your customers for spending their money with you, and in return, it provides you the ability to communicate with them so you can get them to return more often when you can use the extra business. In addition, in a time of crisis, if you needed to close your business, road work shuts down access, there’s a fire or flood in the building, or whatever the reason, you need to be able to communicate with your customers and let them know when you’ll be back in business.

The other side benefit of having a customer list is that if and when you want to sell your business, a strong customer list adds value to the sale and makes a much more enticing opportunity for the potential buyer.

You have to use the data to make it beneficial. Have an effective system in place that builds a strong relationship by communicating with your customers through your marketing and you can influence them to return more often.

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