Retailers Speak Out…

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    Retail store owners who are using Royalty Rewards® are seeing $52.03 or more back for every $1 they invest in marketing their business. That’s at a minimum…

    • $10,406.00 for every $200!
    • $26,015.00 for every $500!
    • $36,421.00 for every $700 invested!

    Check out this page to read and see real success stories from other Retail store owners from around the country. Then fill out the form to see how you too can experience these incredible results in your business too!

  • Retailers Speak Out…

    Receive $52.03 or more back for every $1 you Invest in Your Marketing.

    Hear How You Will Dramatically Increase Your Business’s Sales and Profits With Royalty Rewards®!

  • “Puts My Small Business Way Ahead Of The Competitors”

    “Royalty Rewards has made my life simpler. I recommend Royalty Rewards because it’s a done for you marketing system, and it is a system. That is the beauty of it. Turn on whatever options you want, and let it roll, and you will sit back and hear you cash register ring month after month day after day, bringing the clients back with very little effort on your part. From a competitive standpoint, this puts my small pharmacy way ahead of any other pharmacies even the big box retailers because some of them don’t have a loyalty program, and I as an individual small medical dispensary, I do have a loyalty program. I do say thank you to my clients, and they in turn really appreciate it because they keep spending more at my store.”

    Alan Glasser, Mark’s Pharmacy, Delta, BC

    “Best ROI Of Everything I Do”

    “I use Royalty Rewards for one reason, there are three letters BIW, and that stands for Because It Works. It will work for you no matter what industry you’re in, and you’ll love it. It’s the best ROI that I have in my business. I do a lot of advertising. I do a lot of tracking, and I know BIW for you. It builds loyalty for my customers so they keep on coming back over and over again. We have more than four times the visits in our system of Royalty Rewards customers than customers we have.”

    Howard Anderson , Stony Brook Sew & Vac, Bordentown, NJ

    “I’m In Business Because Of It”

    “Before Royalty Rewards I really hated marketing. I knew that I was not being effective with it. I knew that there’s something more but I could never find anything that gave me sort of the secret sauce. Then Royalty Rewards stepped in and gave me the ROI frankly in marketing so is all measurable, it was all direct response, it just made sense. I could actually see what I was doing instead of just throwing money down a black hole. I think that I can honestly say that I’m in business because of it. The norm for my business is to go out of business. there are not many independent bookstores, there are not many independent office supply stores. They have all pretty much left. If you’re trying to decide whether using Royalty Rewards would make sense in your business, I guess what I would do is say what are you doing with the marketing now? How are you measuring it? How do you know what you’re doing?”

    Rolf Williams, Rolf Williams, Jerrol’s, Ellensburg, WA

    “A Really Big Part Of Our Success”

    “I didn’t want flat business and that’s when I got involved with Royalty Rewards and we’ve had steady growth ever since. And every single year, no matter what the economy is around us. And we’ve had some real lean years and our local economy. Where we are, it’s an economically depressed area, but our business is going up every year with Royalty Rewards. If people are skeptical about how Royalty Rewards might work for you, that’s really understandable. The question is, what would you do instead? The one option is to sit back and wait for customers to stumble in the door. Most of the business people in my town, that’s their management style. And that doesn’t really fit me personality. I don’t want to just wait for people to stumble in the door. I want to be proactive. The fact that Royalty Rewards gives people a reason to share their contact information, I have to say our customers are very happy and excited about receiving rewards coupons, so they’re really jazzed when they get them. And that absolutely brings them back more often. There’s no maybe about it. The Royalty Rewards program has definitely played a really big part in the success that we’ve had.”

    Rob Pell, Sunshine Natural Foods, Grants Pass, OR

    “Royalty Rewards Has Improved My Business And My Customers Are More Loyal And Excited.”

    “Leroy Jones, Jones Sew n Vac for thirty years. Well, the biggest thing that prompted Royalty Rewards were challenges that I was dealing with is conventional advertising just isn’t working as well as it used to, and it’s always been something I’ve done a lot of advertising marketing and I was seeing the writing on the wall. I started looking at other options, and Royalty Rewards popped up. Royalty Rewards has changed my business with the primary focus of working with my existing customers and developing those people as opposed to going outside of the business, which I still do, but by cultivating my existing customers and working with people who are spending the most money which Royalty Rewards is really great for pinpointing. It’s been a big benefit. Specific benefits of Royalty Rewards has brought, has been a lot more loyalty, excitement from my customers. I like being a Royalty Rewards client. I really like the company, and I get a tremendous amount of support and of course the needed benefits it brings to my business.”

    Leroy Jones, Jones Sew and Vac, Pocatello, ID

    “This Will Maximize Your Dollar”

    “I know marketing can be a headache. You know what? It’s a drag. Everyone is talk about the economy. There’s less foot traffic in the stores. Everything is coming down on them or their staff, but here’s one thing. Forget about print ads or your newspaper ads or radio ads. The number one thing you should do is get Royalty Rewards. Why? Because it’s about maximizing your dollar. For every dollar you put in your marketing, to measure it so that way you can maximize it to drive more traffic to your store and put more money in your cash register, one hundred percent. Every ad agency, every marketing department out there wants to take your money. You’ve got sales reps coming over here trying to sell you ads, radio ads, radio spots, taking your money but you can’t measure it. When it comes down to Royalty Rewards, if you’re skeptical, if you’re skeptical, don’t be I guarantee it. Why? First of all, they’re guaranteeing that.”

    George Valdez, Show Dog Guru