Auto Shop Owners Speak Out…

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    Auto Repair Shop owners who are using Royalty Rewards® are seeing $73.86 or more back for every $1 they invest in marketing their shop. That’s at a minimum…

    • $14,772.00 for every $200!
    • $36,930.00 for every $500!
    • $51,702.00 for every $700 invested!

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  • Auto Shop Owners Speak Out…

    Receive $73.86 or more back for every $1 you Invest in Your Marketing.

    Hear How You Will Dramatically Increase Your Business’s Sales and Profits With Royalty Rewards®!

  • “Royalty Rewards keeps our customers coming back.”

    “One of the biggest reasons that I went with Royalty Rewards is it sets us apart from what any other independent shop is offering. It’s just another piece of customer service that wows the customer. What I have noticed is it is so well received, and every customer when they get that cash voucher in the mail, I mean they just love it, and it keeps them coming back. It prompts them to bring all their work to us not just the big stuff.”

    Scott & Christa Browne, Dave’s Automotive, Stockertown, PA

    “All of a sudden my bank account had more money in it!”

    “Royalty Rewards has changed my business by keeping the average invoice high which means I retain my profitability in my business as well increase the flow of customers across from month to month especially fixing the lower months, those traditionally lower months and keeping them where profit stays high.
    Royalty Rewards has been responsible for giving me as an owner some more time for myself and my family. By of course having more profit in the business, we are able to buy better tools, hire better staff which in turns ensures happier customers, which also ensures more customers spending more money which in turn means we can have more holidays and experience our life the way we always wanted to.
    the neat thing about how I discovered that Royalty Rewards was working was that all of a sudden strangely the bank account had more money in it, and we didn’t have any slow time.”

    Jeff Hoff, NAPA Auto Pro Gears, Prince George, BC

    “Royalty Rewards brings customers in more frequently and spend money when they come.”

    “I’ve been using Royalty Rewards for a little less than a year now. It’s worked out very well for us. The customers love it. We get great feedback on it. It definitely brings the customers in more frequently, and they do spend money when they come in.”

    Dana Perone, Ray and Dana’s Auto Care, Colonia, NJ