Stop Losing Customers…

There’s one BIG reason why you lose customers – in fact, 68% of your customers leave because of this. Can you guess what that is?
No one wants to admit it…

But the sad truth is that some of your customers completely forget about you.

A quick story. We lived in a community that had a fantastic sushi restaurant.  We were there weekly, they knew us when we walked in, they treated us well.

Then we moved, just a 10-minute drive away, and stopped going.  Not because we had a bad experience, or the food took a turn, but simply we forgot about them. It was nothing they did, it was that our routine had changed.

The worst part is, they had NO IDEA where we had gone or why we stopped coming and had no way to contact us to lure us back and create a new routine.

It happens in EVERY business.  Some of your customers trickle away. A majority of customers come once, then get on with their busy lives and don’t return. Not because of anything you did, but what you didn’t do.

Stats say that you lose 68% of your customers because they feel that you are indifferent to them.  It’s the kiss of death. Eventually, you’ll run out of people.

People want to be seen, they want to be appreciated for their business, they want their concerns listened to, they want to know they are valuable to you.

If you don’t provide that, you lose them.

Some of the reasons shown in the image above we have no control over.  They can’t become un-lost. But we CAN do something about
those 68%.

Reactivating Lost Customers is a crucial aspect of marketing because it can significantly impact your business’s bottom line. The cost and effort of acquiring new customers is much higher than the cost and effort of retaining existing ones.

The good news is that your Lost Customers, people who visited infrequently and suddenly stop coming, are often more receptive to marketing efforts compared to new customers who have never purchased from you before. Lost Customers have already demonstrated an interest in your products or services, and therefore it’s easier to convince them to return.

Your business is like a bucket. You need to fill it with customers.

You need to continually add customers to your ‘bucket’, whether they be from online, customer referrals or random walk-ins, or reactivating Lost Customers.

But just as fast as we add them, we can LOSE them through holes in our bucket.

  • They stop liking or wanting what you offer
  • They get lured by a competitor
  • The get referred elsewhere
  • They die
  • They move

But the biggest reason they stop frequenting your business is that they don’t think you care about them – this is a big hole in your bucket that you CAN fix.

The single, easiest way to get more business is to get your existing customers to come back more often by creating a relationship, providing incentives and inviting them to return again and again and preventing them from going lost. That’s what an effective marketing plan will accomplish.

The items circled in red are the holes you can plug – making customers much more likely to choose you over all their other options.
It’s imperative to have a customer list with their contact information, so that you can track their visits and know their spending routine. Then, when they stop coming, you can get notified so that you can use a more targeted marketing campaign to reignite them.

An important ingredient in every marketing calendar is a targeted, creative campaign to reactivate Lost Customers – it is a HUGE mistake not to focus on this valuable opportunity.

Lost Customers have already visited your business.  They know where you’re located. They like your products and services. They trust what you do. They’ve joined your Rewards Program! These are all significant milestones in the customer relationship, and you can leverage that to your advantage.

We recently helped one of our clients reactivate over 250 members by tackling Lost Customers in batches each month using a multi-media campaign. Our Lost Marketing Campaign works with our Member App, a direct mail, emails and texts.

Once the Lost Customer is reactivated, they enter back into your regular marketing stream, encouraging more frequent visits and more spending, moving them back up your profit pyramid.

You can’t reignite everyone, you need to have realistic expectations. But you CAN bring back a percentage of them, turning them from Lost Customers into repeat customers.