How To Take More Time Off And Make More Money

No matter what you’re working towards, or how difficult it may seem to get there, it helps to focus on your “Why?”

The New Year is a perfect time to refocus on your personal goals. What brings you joy? More vacations, time off, quality time with family and friends? And what do you need to do to get there? Whatever it is, as we enter another year, we have a few challenges for you.

Focus on WHAT you are working FOR. What’s your ‘Why?’

No matter what you’re working towards, or how difficult it may seem to get there, it helps to focus on your “Why?”

For Royalty Rewards® client Bent Hansen, this was a practice that changed his life. When he started his restaurant, he was running in circles. He served great food with great service, but something had to change. He was working 7 days a week from open to close and was barely paying the bills (let alone himself). He was always stressed and struggled to manage a nonstop cycle of problems with staffing management, rising costs, construction outside his entrance, how to find new customers and how to get existing customers to come back and spend more.

“If your business requires your constant presence, you don't have a business, you have a job.”

He knew there had to be another way. And he was committed to transforming his restaurant into a business that would give him the freedom to support the lifestyle he wanted to live.

Bent’s “Why?” – Freedom! Now, he only works 27 hours a week and vacations regularly.

Here are some challenges that Bent recommends to get you closer to YOUR WHY. 

Challenge #1: Do that ONE thing you’ve been putting off.

This might be a personal issue, or it might relate to your business. It’s easy to set it off to the side in your mind, but it’s weighing you down. The task, the decision, or the project you’ve been avoiding. Whatever it is, whether it brings you fear or uncertainty, write it down now, tackle it, and evict it from the valuable mental space it occupies.

Challenge # 2: Do more for YOU.

For most of us, we started our business to build the life we dreamed of. But in any given year, it’s easy to fall into bad habits, to work more and rest less. Even if you are happy with the amount of time you take for yourself, your family and your friends, we challenge you to push it one step further. It could be as simple as setting aside one additional hour each week just for you and your relationships. OR it could be as significant as scheduling that much-delayed vacation. Whatever it is, push the measuring stick one step further in your direction.

Challenge # 3: Do Something FUN.

Do something fun with your loved ones (and even with your team). Whether it be an impromptu meal, a get-together, or an unexpected gift… have some fun. 

Challenge # 4: Set a Goal for YOU

Keep the momentum going. If it’s too difficult to look one year down the road, only look 30 days. And keep it simple. For you, this might mean 30 more minutes of sleep at night. 10 pages of reading. A one-on-one dinner, a phone call with an old friend. Set a personal goal and when you accomplish it, set another.

Challenge #5: Create Simple Repeatable Systems

Putting repeatable systems in place gives you the freedom to be away from the restaurant. They provide a framework for your managers and staff so they know exactly what is expected of them to create a consistent guest experience and increased sales.   
Despite nation wide staffing shortages, Bent is fully staffed with a strong team in place. His training system, run by his management team, ensures everyone is given exactly what they need to succeed. He ranks #1 on the social media review sites in his community. He has our proven marketing system in place that puts him in control of generating sales, as well as operational systems to create a high level of consistency even when he isn’t there.

We are hosting a webinar on Tuesday, January 17th, 2023 @ 1:00 PDT/4:00EDT to showcase Bent’s systems and strategies and you are invited to join us!