How Do You Convey Your Business’s Personality?

You want your audience to know what your business is like, it’s culture, how it makes people feel.

In previous posts we’ve talked about the importance of creating and nurturing a relationship with your customers by conveying the personality and culture of your business so that your customers get to know your business as a team of people, not only a provider of your services.  You can read more about it here.

This doesn’t need to be YOUR personality specifically; it can incorporate everyone involved in the business. You want your audience to know what your business is like, it’s culture, how it makes people feel. 

This can easily be done through the email marketing you send to your existing customers and the posts you make on your Social Media sites. Use writing that sounds like you talk, avoid jargon and “marketing speak”.  You want to sound genuine, and “real” – because you are.  
Focus on the subject line, or the headline to “catch people by the eyes” so they open your email or stop scrolling to read your post. Write compelling stories that tie in with your offers, send messages regularly and frequently, and make them fun!  Show off your culture and unique personality.  Write like you are sending an email to a friend – you are building a connection by letting them get to know you and your team.

Here’s three ideas to use to help you convey that message:

1.    Do a “behind the scenes” video in under a minute.  It could be how you make something in the kitchen, or how you prepare a car to return to its owner, how you open the business for the day, or a staff birthday celebration or other special event.

2.   Tell the story behind your business name or logo, or your origin story.  People like to hear how you came to be, especially if it came with challenge or a heart-warming story.

3.    Share a throwback image. Have you got pictures from the early days of the business? When it was a smaller location, or when a familiar staff member was much younger, or a street scene of the business “back in the day”. People love nostalgia and it shows your longevity, adding credibility.

You don’t always have to be selling – though everything can have a reminder at the end about a sale, or special event, or something that encourages action from your readers.  Email and social media is great because a link can be included to a booking or ordering page without them having to change media…buying is simply a click away.

Your superpower as an Independent Operator is a HUGE advantage over the National Chains. They are too big to be able to do this. You can build a strong, loyal and personal connection with your customers that they highly value so that they continue to support you with more frequent visits and higher spending. 

A customer list’s value is in the ENGAGEMENT it can build between you and your customer, the connection you can forge. This is the superpower you have.

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