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If you are you ready to transform your business and make a lasting impression we’ll unveil the power of a simple “Thank You”. It’s gratitude in action, and you can put it to work in your business.

Sending a ‘Thank You’ is a common practice in our daily lives, but often it gets missed in the business setting.

A simple thank you or personal note can have a lasting and meaningful impact on a customer and help create an emotional connection they won’t soon forget. It makes them feel individually valued, and not disposable.

You leverage this consumer psychology by actively expressing gratitude to your customers for their business, their support, and their feedback to build stronger customer loyalty. One way you do this is posting a thank you when some gives a positive online review. Another is to say thanks at Thanksgiving, or on a milestone event like your business anniversary. Or perhaps someone made a large purchase, a big catering event, a major car repair or a bulk purchase of a product.  Any time you see the opportunity to express your gratitude is a good time for a thank you.

If you have special, less frequent, high-value transactions, you should create a process to follow-up afterwards with a thank you. This works well for big ticket, large sales and transactions like a catering function, a regular delivery order, a repair bill over a certain amount, or after a specific purchase or purchase milestone. Having a selection of pre-printed cards or postcards (with a pile of stamps), where you just have to jot a quick personal note and mail it off will make this easy.

A "Thank You" transcends the transactional.

Picture this: A single “Thank You” note, a heartfelt email, or even a small token of appreciation can forge a connection with your customers that transcends the transactional. It makes them feel cherished, irreplaceable, and most importantly, eager to return.

It also promotes a positive reputation for your business, feels personalized, and makes your customers more likely to talk about you to others. This helps you stand apart from your competitors in a much stronger way and drive more sales.

We recently saw this in action ourselves. One of our team members preferred protein bars that were tough to get regularly at the grocery store, so she started ordering them direct.

When she received them, she got the photo shown here. It was a real photo of the founders, with what appears like a handwritten message.  She also got an email sequence where each of the founders emailed their thanks and explained their background and shared a little about why they do what they do. They’ve done a good job creating a connection. 

She says “I can get these at the grocery store but am now ordering from them directly because I want to support them directly.”

A personal thank you after a purchase creates loyalty, and a sense of reciprocity, they in turn want to give back to you.

Build A Repeatable Process With Specific Criteria

thank process

One of our favorites to send in the past was a box of gourmet brownies. With so many businesses adding online ordering and shipping to their services, it isn’t hard to find a local business to use when a customer has made a valuable impact to your bottom line.  You might even be able to trade services with a local Business Owner.

Having a simple process in place and easily available makes firing off a thank you with a personal comment easy, and it can make a world of difference for the recipient.

Our clients are currently setting up their Thanksgiving Campaigns that will go out to their best customers, it’s a winning promotion every year.  We can help you.

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