Who We Are

Two of The Most Successful Marketing Minds Working Hard For YOUR SUCCESS

The founders of Royalty Rewards® are fiercely committed to solving the problems that independent “Bricks and Mortar” business owners face. They know firsthand the pain that goes along with not enough customers and too much overhead. That’s why they created Royalty Rewards®, to provide an EASY “ONE THING” turnkey solution that will automatically deliver a flood of customers to your door everyday … guaranteed.

Meet Rory Fatt

Rory Fatt is the creator of the Royalty Rewards® Turnkey Marketing Program. He has always been fascinated with what makes businesses successful. He got his degree in Marketing and went on to work with several multinational corporations becoming their leading food service sales person.

Eventually he decided to venture out on his own. Initially he struggled to figure out how to make what he had learned in University work in a small business. After hundreds of thousands of dollars in experimentation Rory eventually uncovered the secrets to direct response marketing in his own business, and sky-rocketed his sales and profits.

He soon discovered the principles he uncovered applied to all sorts of retail businesses as well. He also realized that while the systems he taught worked, it was difficult for business owners to find the time away from the daily operations their businesses required to implement the proven systems he had developed. So he invested several million dollars in creating Royalty Rewards®, a turnkey, automatic marketing program that followed all of the direct marketing principles he knows to work.

Meet Bill Glazer

Bill Glazer is the founder of Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle™ (one of the world’s most successful information marketing companies), Professional Speaker, Marketing Consultant and Coach, and a much sought-after copywriter. After 30-years of ‘in-the-trenches’ work with his own hugely successful businesses he perfected his unusually effective advertising (i.e. Outrageous) combined with Direct Response marketing that routinely receives outstanding responses.

Bill and his “Outside The Box” Marketing Strategies have often been featured in the most prestigious Marketing Magazines in the world. Most recently, DM News, which is the newspaper of record for Direct Marketers, ran a feature story on Bill’s Outrageous Marketing Strategies that are Outrageously Effective.

In 2000, the industry journal MR Magazine named Bill and his BGS Marketing System to the list of the 100 Top People, Places, and Things Impacting the Industry at the Millennium…the equivalent of being named to People or Time Magazine’s list of the 100 most noteworthy or influential individuals.

Perhaps the shining jewel of Bill’s accomplishments was his winning the prestigious RAC Award at the 2002 Retail Advertising Conference. This honor is equivalent in retail as the Oscars are to movies and the Emmys to television.

Today, clients pay Bill Glazer a minimum of $25,000 plus royalties to write advertising for them and they’ll wait routinely 9-months for a $12,000.00 day of consulting.

In 2005, Rory Fatt partnered with Bill Glazer, the #1 most celebrated marketing advisor to the retail industry. Together, Rory & Bill have personally invested thousands of man-hours and $2.5 million dollars to dissect and thoroughly analyze each element of the loyalty program process and create a proven, auto pilot system so that all kinds of “Brick and Mortar” business owners can achieve dramatic sales & profits increases in their businesses.

Today, Royalty Rewards® is helping hundreds of businesses all across North America rapidly grow their sales, and profits.

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