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    Restaurant owners who are using Royalty Rewards® are seeing $32.67 or more back for every $1 they invest in marketing their restaurant. That’s at a minimum…

    • $6,534.00 for every $200!
    • $16,335.00 for every $500!
    • $22,869.00 for every $700 invested!

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    Receive $32.67 or more back for every $1 you Invest in Your Marketing.

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  • “Multiplied Our Profits Five Times”

    “It’s probably the best thing I’ve ever done for my business because we didn’t have a loyalty program, and once we did implement that one, it’s top notch. It’s increased sales, and we’ve quadrupled our sales in – five times our profits.”

    Gary Leech, Congdon’s Family Restaurant, Wells.

    “Puts More Money In My Pockets”

    “We’ve been in business twelve years. I think we had the challenges that a lot of independent restaurants have with employees and staffing and sales and new customers and the daily grind. Royalty Rewards has changed my business in that it’s automated our marketing system. It’s changed my life by putting more money in my pockets. When I first started using Royalty Rewards, we saw benefits almost immediately. For one thing, it put a system in our restaurant and we needed that.”

    Jim Rowe, Wing’s Roadhouse, Ellensburg, Washington.

    “Tripled My Business”

    “It’s tripled my business since I’ve started. Just to be able to keep connected with your customers and rewarding for their business and keeping us top of mind is worth – it’s priceless. Personally, it’s changed my life. It’s raised the bar of what I expect from my business and what’s possible for my business. It’s allowed me to grow my business in a difficult economy, which has given me piece of mind and that’s an amazing thing. I’m married. I have two wonderful sons. It’s grown my business to where we’re bringing home a nice paycheck, and I feel I won’t have a problem sending my kids to college. It’s been nice taking vacations and having a better quality of life. It will turn your business around, and I’ve seen it work for so many people, and a lot of us have the same past stories and I’ve seen a lot of success.”

    Angelo Marini, Sal e Pepe Contemporary Italian Bistro, Newtown, CT

    “Skyrocketed Our Business”

    “We joined Royalty Rewards and that skyrocketed our business. I tell people that if they’re on the fence joining Royalty Rewards to go ahead and take the plunge. It will change your life. It will change your business. It will change the way you view everything that happens to you personally. It makes you have more time, more money, more energy, more everything. Join Royalty Rewards®.”

    Jamie Guiliano, Aroma Thyme Bistro, Ellenville, New York

    “Wouldn’t Be Open Today Without It”

    “We’ve been Royalty Rewards members for six or seven years now. Frankly, the Willow Restaurant is a very small restaurant and eight previous restaurants opened and failed in that same location, that same facility and we’ve been open ten years now, and this is the single biggest reason why. The ability to take a forty seat restaurant in the dead of a Saskatchewan winter and have it busy enough to generate a profit is because of this. I know we wouldn’t be open today as a small restaurant if it wasn’t for this. It would have never given us the opportunity to open our second restaurant which is Beer Brothers, which is a much, much bigger restaurant, and we would have never had the ability to do that if it wasn’t for Royalty Rewards®.”

    Greg Hanwell, Beer Bros and Willow on Wascana, Regina, SK

    “Royalty Rewards Saved My Business”

    “Royalty Rewards literally has saved my business. We were at a point in time back at that time when everything that I was trying wasn’t working. Probably reached out in desperation and it has turned us around. It has made my life so much easier and my customers really love it. My wife and I are actually able to get away at least one week a year. We take vacations. We take little mini-breaks that we were never able to do before because we were chained to our business. It really has freed up things for us and made life easier. There’s no reason to be on the fence. You need to jump in the water, get your feet wet. This program works and we simply love it.”

    Rick Bendgen, Kenning’s Circle K, Cincinnati, Ohio

    “Half A Million In Sales Every Year From This”

    “I’ve been a Royalty Reward member for six, and over the course of the six years, I have sales strictly from Royalty Rewards totaling over three million dollars, which about a half million dollars a year in Royalty Reward sales. The program has been very effective for us. It really helps with repeat guests. It’s geared towards locals in my community. I probably have about 2500 active members that are a part of the Royalty Reward program, and it’s just a really good constant source of repeat guests. The people in the community really like the program, and I think it’s a pretty straightforward system that is fully automated. I don’t have to do an awful lot. There’s a tremendous number of features in the program.”

    Paul Streiter, Jackie Rey’s Ohana Grill, Kailua Kona, HI

    “Changed My Life, More Time Off And More Money”

    “Before I had Royalty Rewards in my business, I had a problem communicating with my customers. I did not have a database, and I was not able to market to my customers. Royalty Rewards has changed my business in several ways. It has grown my business. It has helped me communicate with my customers, and it has helped made my job easier because now it does a lot of the marketing items that I used to have to do. It’s also kind of a one stop shopping center for all my marketing needs. Royalty Rewards has changed my life so that Dina and I are now able to take more time off. Royalty Rewards is doing most of my marketing so it gives me more free time for personal use and to build my business. Royalty Rewards has been one of the greatest items that has been presented to me, and I’m so happy that I joined Royalty Rewards.”

    Greg Evans, Alfies Restaurant, Ormond Beach, FL

    “Paid For Itself Multiple Times Over”

    “I decided to join Royalty Rewards … the business is challenging as it is and to start veering off in the direction of marketing, tracking and communicating, entering data, doing all this extra work, was beyond my capabilities or having the extra time to do these things and Royalty Rewards does all that automatically and they’re the ones that stay on top of the game, reminders, ‘Hey, we’re going to be doing this,’ ‘are you ready for this?’ simplified it. And it was great. If you are contemplating becoming members of Royalty Rewards, I would highly recommend it. It is paid for itself multiple times over the years and I would encourage you to look into it.”

    Eddie Smeen, Skewers Mediterranean Grille, Indialantic, FL

    “Increased Our Business 35-40%”

    “Royalty Rewards program was in place when I started with them about three years ago that actually increased our business like 35-40% actually. It was really pretty amazing. The combination of direct email and mailing, actually, it just doubles the effectiveness of the program. you don’t really understand how powerful it is, how many people can be reached and just the mere fact with the rewards program that, if you can get your customer to come back one more time a month, it’s amazing, you can double your business. The benefits of being in the Royalty Rewards program is not just for increased business; of course, that’s all that we want, but it’s also for our customers to feel a part of something.”

    Ron Dupaul , Felix’s BBQ, Oceanside, CA

    “Increased Our Gross Revenues Four Times Over, And I Work LESS!”

    “With Royalty Rewards, we’ve actually increased our gross revenues four times. Some of that might have been natural growth, but Royalty Rewards has been on board for that the whole time. It made it a lot easier. I actually work only about thirty hours a week when I’m in the restaurants. Royalty Rewards has delivered a lot of specific benefits. Knowing who are best guests are and being able to market to them and find more people like them to grow the business overall. Royalty Rewards is as far as our business concerned, is a expense that we can’t afford to not have. It’s really an investment in business and growing our client base and keeping people coming back again and again.”

    Tory Nelson, Wapiti Pub, Estes Park, CO

    “Immediate Proof”

    “Royalty Rewards gives you control. It helps first of all segment the market, figure out who your customers are. It’s a vehicle to reach the people you want to reach. Royalty Rewards helped our company grow – well first, it helped us become more profitable. If you’re sitting on the fence uncertain if there is any value in this, is this just another one of those online scams or whatever it might be, I will tell you that I’m a business owner. I’m in the middle of nowhere with forty years of history, and this product, this service and there’s much more to it is easily worth it. It’s always paid for itself, and it will prove it to you instantly. There’s no magic to this. Absolutely take the time to do it.”

    Kristjan Kristjansson, Winnipeg, MAN – NB

    “Sixty Percent Increase!”

    “Goodness I would have to say that from what we used to do to what we do now with Royalty Rewards, we probably had about a sixty percent increase in new customers and business.”

    Kathy Bruckmeyer, Off The Hoof Burgers, Arlington, TN