I Wish Every Day Was The Day Before A Vacation

I Wish Every Day Was The Day Before A Vacation

Why? Because I get so much done. Knowing I will be gone for three weeks and what needs to happen before I leave pushes me and my staff to accomplish many things. Massive Implementation.

That’s why it amazes me when people can’t seem to get things implemented quickly for their own businesses. I have two members who got their July Newsletters out 2 weeks late. Plus, just the other day a restaurant owner told me there wasn’t time to do a Christmas in July promotion. He said by the time he got the copy written, the postcards printed and the web site up, it’d be August – Sheeesh.

A few thoughts. One, you gotta work faster. I work fast by, first of all, isolating myself from interruptions. I block time, I do not respond to phone or FAX. I choose to use my cell phone for personal outbound calls only (who can find a pay phone nowadays anyway!) and don’t take calls without an appointment. I cluster returning calls and often do so by pre-set phone appointments, also clustered. I work fast by operating on the good enough is good enough plan. A lot. Perfection is mostly unrewarded and takes four times longer to achieve. I work fast by having good resources at my disposal; for what I do, reference books, and swipe files. I’ve trained my subconscious mind to work for me.

Two, you gotta work more on what’s most important and most profitable, even if it means ignoring other things altogether. There’s correspondence in my “C” pile that I haven’t answered, dating back to June. I just thinned the “C” pile by throwing a dozen things out; they go taken care of otherwise or became irrelevant with passage of time.

Three, you have to be The Unreasonable Man. Every super-rich and successful entrepreneur I’ve ever been around or worked with has been unreasonable in his demands on other, employees, vendors, etc. For speed. Several to such a degree I’ve refused to have them as clients, although I respect them, and recognize they are right. They act like the entire Universe revolves around them (something I’ve been accused of myself), and lo and behold, it pretty much does. They are constantly replacing employees and vendors; as one falters and falls to the ground exhausted, they rip the saddle off its carcass and slap it on a fresh horse.

Four, you must have deadlines within deadlines, and keep the pressure on yourself and others. If something is to be done on Tuesday, when on Tuesday – 10AM, 11:18 AM, 2:15 PM or end of day? If unspecified other than “Tuesday”, that means end of day, which really means Wednesday. You must be acutely conscious of the clock ticking and make other conscious as well. My work area has three large clocks, plus one on my wrist, and one on my computer, all within range of vision. When I work, I work against the clock.

How are you using your time these days? Evaluate, plan, and use these tips to get more done each and every day.

Dedicated To Your Success,
Rory Fatt

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