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What We Do For Independent Retail Owners
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Running your own retail store isn’t easy. It’s labor intensive, time-consuming work. Between employee drama & shortages, rising minimum wages, inventory challenges and supplier screw-ups, constantly changing government red tape, customer issues (and other problems too long to list), the last thing you want to think about as a busy owner is figuring out how to stay on top of the constantly changing ways to cost effectively market your store to get the return on investment you deserve.

How We Can Help

The Royalty Rewards Marketing System

The Royalty Rewards® Marketing System is made up of four fundamental components that together provide you with a robust marketing program that will increase your sales and profits.

1. Your Store’s Most Valuable Asset – Your Customer Database

The most powerful marketing tool you can have in your arsenal is a customer database that you control. Having a customer database tells you exactly who your customers are, how much they spend, how often they visit, and how likely they are to recommend your business. You can communicate with your customers on demand to provide them with information, changes or updates to your business, send them personalized offers, and incentivize them so they come back and see you again and again.

A list of Social Media followers is not a customer list. It’s critical to understand that those followers may or may not have ever given you money in the past. They may not even live near your business, they may just like what you post, or they may be interested in your business for a separate reason all together. More importantly, the list is not in your control, the social media site owns it.  If they decide to block you account, your followers are gone, and you lose the ability to communicate with them.

“Sixty-one percent of small businesses report that more than half of their revenue comes from repeat customers.”


Generating Loyalty For Your Store

With the Royalty Rewards® loyalty program, your customers will earn points every time they visit you.  When they reach a certain threshold, determined by you, they receive an award certificate to use the next time they visit you.

Having a loyalty program in your store builds a connection with your customers by rewarding them for their loyalty. And the more you communicate with them, the more they will get to know you, and return to your business. When they receive special, personalized offers from you, they will feel like they are part of an exclusive club. Customers are more likely to do business with places where they feel valued and special.

“Increasing customer retention by just 5 percent boost profits by 25-95 percent”

Advisory firm Bain and Co

Engaging Customers Leads To Retention

People celebrate important life events all year long such as birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions. Most of these events are 100% predictable. With the customer information you have in your database, you can invite your customers to celebrate these life events at your business. You’ll choose a variety of campaigns to run on autopilot in your program: welcome, birthdays, anniversaries, seasonal events, holidays, lost customer reactivation, special event, and on demand campaigns of your design.

All your marketing campaigns are tracked in your customer database, so you know exactly which campaigns your customers are responding to and how much your rewards program is earning for you.

Generating 5 Star Reviews

Over 92% of new customers read online reviews before trying a business for the first time. Even if a friend has given them a recommendation, people will head to Google to see what others are saying about your business, find an address or map, look at pictures, and check out your products or service.  Online reviews are the biggest source of social proof you have, creating credibility and trustworthiness.

This makes generating positive 5-star reviews on sites such as Google, Facebook, and Yelp one of the most important elements of any new customer attraction program.

Using your customer database, you will collect customer feedback using an automated survey sent out to those who have recently made a purchase at your store. Then, you can ask positive reviewers to share their feedback on review sites that are relevant to your local community.  This customizable feedback allows for quick responses to negative experiences and solves them before they become negative online reviews that turn away business.

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Customized Rewards App – Branded with your store’s logo and your preferred colors, this is how your customers will sign themselves up and use your rewards program

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POS Integration OR Transaction Processing Equipment – Track customer spending behavior, know best customers by name, and leverage it!

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A Personal Account Coach to set up, monitor and modify your program as we discover what is works within your program for your store.

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Appreciation Survey and Online Review Accelerator – Get constructive feedback avoid negative reviews and improve your Online Review Site Rankings automatically!

What Our Clients Say…

What Could Have Been The End Of Our Business Became A Profitable Year!

“During our walk in closure due to Covid we learned the true value of our Royalty Rewards® program. Working with our Coach we were able to quickly eliminate the marketing that our members could not use, and pivot to communicating with them about our new curbside and home delivery services along with ordering online and via the phone. Having an accurate and up to date list of 80% of all our active customers with email, text and address made communicating with them fast and effective. Once we reopened we were able to ramp up in store traffic within days instead of months. Royalty Rewards® help turn what could have been the end of our business into a profitable year.”

Rolf T. Williams

Rolf T. Williams

Jerrol's, Ellensberg, WA

Royalty Rewards® Has Been Amazing For Getting Customers Back Into My Store.

“The COVID pandemic has been very challenging for everybody, especially my very small nutrition retail store. With Royalty Rewards® I’ve been able to communicate to customers, letting them know adjustments that we needed to make and that we were still open. We’ve kept our numbers fairly close to where they were last year. It really helped us stay relevant and not have to close the doors.
In addition to emails, the direct mail seems to be something that a lot of people don’t do anymore, but for my business, it has returned a great amount of people. Before Royalty Rewards®, it was very hard to get them back in the store, especially due to the increase in online shopping. It really helps to engage them when they’re opening their mailbox and they’re seeing something in there from me. The return has been awesome.
I don’t really have to worry about Royalty Rewards® at all. I have a call every month with my Coach to review my results and decide what we are going to do next month. After that, it’s just done. They have extensive experience, so they manage it all, it gives me more opportunity to do things that I like to do.”

Donovan Middleton

Donovan Middleton

1 Temple Nutrition, Las Vegas, NV

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