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Using a Royalty Rewards® Marketing Campaign is a sure fire way to get your customers to return more often and to spend more money, and to see your profits soar!


Royalty Rewards® Program Signage

Royalty Rewards® Merchants using Program Signage get significantly more new member enrollments…EASIER! Program Signage is customized with your Welcome Offer, taking some pressure off your team and getting customers begging to be a part of your Rewards Program.

Program Signage Packages for NEW Merchants are subject to a $100 deposit plus S/H. Simply send us a photo of the signage displayed in use in your business, and we’ll credit your $100 deposit!

Contact a Royalty Rewards® Coach at 1-888-353-5012 for recommendations specifically for your business.

Available Sizes (approx)
Posters – Small (8.5 x 11), Medium (17 x 11) and Large (24″ x 36″)
Table Tents – 5.5” x 5.625″ (self standing)
Check Insert – 4″ x 9″
Floor Stand – adjusts from 48” to 70”, Poster size 11″ x 7″ included
QR Stickers – 1.5″ x 4.5″ – Stick QR stickers everywhere to promote sign-ups

Washable signage available. Please contact your Coach for more information.

Available Color Schemes

Black & Fuchsia

Lime & Fuchsia

Turquoise & Goldenrod

Lime & Orange

Maroon & Goldnerod

Blue & Black



QR Stickers – 1.5″ x 4.5″

Stick QR stickers everywhere to promote sign-ups

Select from Black, Blue or Red


Floor Stand Sample – adjusts from 48” to 70”, Poster size 11″ x 7″ included







Table Tent Sample Image

Note: Table tent is full color, glossy-coated, tri-folded and self-standing. Size is 5.5″ x 5.625″.

Poster Samples

Retail Lady

Shopping Bags

Shopping Day

Flower Bunch

Pink Bouquet

Eye Candy

Mall Walkers

Shopping Bags

Retail Lady in Chair


Custom Retail



Children Playing

Man with Suits

Music School


Kid Playing

Custom Drug Store

Sewing (Quilt/Fabric)

Sewing (Custom)

Sew & Vac (Machine)

Vacuum (Yellow Feet)


Surf Board

Dress Shop