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Using a Royalty Rewards® Marketing Campaign is a sure fire way to get your customers to return more often and to spend more money, and to see your profits soar!


Ensure The Place Is Packed For Your Grand Reopening When You Send This Irresistible Promotion…

It’s not enough to just say “Hey, we’re back open, come on in”. You need to ensure they come back in by giving them REASON to visit. These eye-catching cards are just what you need to announce your reopening and get them to come in and spend money with you. This card will announce your reopening, give them a great offer to redeem, and put you back on their radar. This is also a great way to announce renovations are complete. Customized cards can be created for a fee if you don’t see a design that will work for you.
To update any card, or plan your reopening, please contact our Royalty Rewards Coaches at 1-888-353-5012.

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