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Lost Customer Reactivation
Using a Royalty Rewards® Marketing Campaign is a sure fire way to get your customers to return more often and to spend more money, and to see your profits soar!


One Simple Step Can Quickly Reactivate Lost Customers And Make Them Money-Generating Customers Again!

The third most profitable group to market to is often the most neglected, but is still way more profitable than getting a new customer. These are your Lost Customers – customers who used to frequent you, but you haven’t seen in a while. Through your Royalty Rewards® database, make sure you have the 3-Step Lost Customer Reactivation postcards set up to send to your customers who you haven’t seen within a time frame that you can establish (i.e. The last 120 days).

Sometimes all it takes is some TLC and attention to win a customer back. To update your current postcard images, or to see for yourself how successful this Lost Customer Reactivation Campaign really is, please contact your Royalty Rewards Coach® at 1-888-353-5012.
*Available in Canada. Artwork may vary.

Any Industry

Wave 1

Sign 598*

Map 597*

Dog 595*

Compass 594*

Binoculars 593

String Finger 146*

Little Boy 35*

Wave 2

Sign 604

Map 603

Dog 601*

Compass 600

Binoculars 599

Hunter 238*

Wave 3

Sign 610

Map 609

Dog 607

Binoculars 605

Crying Kid 239*

Final Chance 240*