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Using a Royalty Rewards® Marketing Campaign is a sure fire way to get your customers to return more often and to spend more money, and to see your profits soar!

Easy Set-Up, we will ship you the following equipment/hardware and provide one-on-one assistance to set up everything up. We recommend that you place the Equipment near your POS System or in an area where it can be accessed easily for daily member transactions. POS Intergration is available for a Nominal Set-Up Fee.


  1. 1) Terminal
  2. 2) USB Wand
  3. 3) Phone Cord
  4. 4) Terminal Power Cord
  5. 5) Printer Paper Roll
  6. 6) Ethernet Cord

Terminals                                                       Wands/Scanners
VX520 (internet or phone line)                       USB Wand for POS (available)
POS Integration
Once the card number is linked to the customer
record, the customer never needs to present a card again.
**Nominal Integration Set Up Fee Applies.