March/April Sales Boost Marketing Campaigns 2021

March/April Sales Boost Marketing Campaign Ideas For Your Business

The next few months are packed full of events and holidays that are great slipstream marketing opportunities! St. Patrick’s Day, Spring, March Madness, Easter and of course Income Tax Break Check… just to name a few.

PRO TIP: Grab your Cash Creator Calendar™ and plan the next two months of marketing campaigns in one call with your Coach! This will help maximize your time and put your marketing on auto-pilot while focusing on your business.

Income Tax: There are few things that unify us like income taxes. Currently it’s on everyone’s mind – and it’s one of those things none of us can avoid and usually dread. Why not turn it into a FUN campaign for all your customers and add some levity into an otherwise downer experience. This campaign is one of the most successful of the entire year and once a merchant does it, they do it year after year. It works every year for them, and brings them great returns.
Last year – some Merchants had mailed it before COVID-19 hit.

“We rolled ours out in March and it’s definitely been a stimulus check for the customers and for us! So glad we had it!”  -Sam Eck – Jantz Café

We’ve tested every aspect of this campaign to be sure it brings in the best results possible for every type of business. On the outside it looks like a government check delivered personally to your customer. Inside the official looking brown envelope, your customers will see their name printed on a Tax Break Check showing through the clear window in the lower left corner of the envelope.
Inside, the letter makes it clear that it’s from you, wanting to give them a tax break.

You have the flexibility to schedule this campaign to send in March or April. This allows you the opportunity to target multiple groups of members and spread the response around equally across March and April. For example, you might target your ACTIVE customers in March and your LOST customers in April. The choice is yours and your Coach can help you determine what is best for you. Your Coach will even be able to advise you on the best offer to include on the check. Find out more about this campaign by visiting

 Don’t forget – you can run this campaign in March OR April, whenever makes the most sense for your business.

Restaurant: Mailed 750, Redeemed Sales $8,009.00, ROI $10 to $1
Auto: Mailed 379, Redeemed Sales $20,844.96, ROI $48 to $1
Retail: Mailed 1057, Redeemed Sales $12,751.35, ROI $10 to $1

St. Patrick’s Day: How fun is St. Patrick’s Day? With so many colorful, fun campaign options to choose from, you won’t need any luck getting customers to visit your restaurant this month! Don’t forget, we also have St. Patrick’s Day Scratch Campaigns if you want to add in a wee bit of excitement this month!

Restaurant: Mailed 349, Redeemed Sales $2,535.81, ROI $7 to $1
Auto: Mailed 493, Redeemed Sales $8,760.96, ROI $18 to $1
Retail: Mailed 255, Redeemed Sales $5,854.69, ROI $24 to $1

Spring: Spring has sprung and it’s time to make some sales! Give your customers a reason to come out of hibernation and visit you at your business. And there are so many eye-catching, colorful designs to choose from! Your Coach can help you narrow it down to the perfect choice for your business.

Restaurant: Mailed 500, Redeemed Sales $6,849.69, ROI $14 to $1
Auto: Mailed 279, Redeemed Sales $1,292.29, ROI $4 to $1
Retail: Mailed 258, Redeemed Sales $6,580.00, ROI $25 to $1

March Madness: March Madness is still on! Selection Sunday is coming up on March 14th, and the Final Four is scheduled for the beginning of April. Capitalize on the anticipation of this event with this exciting campaign.

Auto: Mailed 439,
Redeemed Sales $9,204.02, ROI $22 to $1

Easter: Make way for the Easter Bunny! For many, Easter is an important time to celebrate with friends and family. This campaign is especially fitting for this year, as it invites your customers to celebrate new beginnings. Your Coach can help you with ideas on the best way to take advantage of Easter celebrations.

Restaurant: Mailed 1105, Redeemed Sales $6,861.54, ROI $6 to $1
Auto: Mailed 493, Redeemed Sales $3,809.92, ROI $8 to $1

National Car Care Month: April is National Car Care Month in the US (in Canada, it’s in May), and it’s the perfect opportunity to remind your customers to bring in their vehicle to have them inspected and serviced – especially if some of your clients haven’t been driving that often.

PRO TIP: Many businesses hold free Car Care events at their shops during this month, which typically include a free vehicle inspection. If you aren’t able to have an in-person event in your area, consider having an online event where people can join and ask questions about car maintenance.

Auto: Mailed 600, Redeemed Sales $14,166.29, ROI $24 to $1


We have a number of Marketing Campaigns to help you grow your sales and profits! Call Your Coach to discuss which one is best for your business and check them out online by clicking here.