How Does It Work?

  • How Does It Work

    Royalty Rewards® is a unique marketing program that is founded on rewarding your customers for their loyalty.

    Our proven program integrates direct mail, email, text, & mobile marketing campaigns to introduce new customers to your business and to get your existing customers coming back more often and spending more money every time they visit.

    We provide everything you need to launch and maintain our program, plus our dedicated Royalty Rewards® Coaches provide complete program and marketing support throughout our partnership. We rely heavily on technology and innovation and are dedicated to continually improving our program and it’s ROI.

    The best way to learn how the Royalty Rewards® program works is to watch our online presentation . We’ve also included more information the key program components below.

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    Receive $32.67 or more back for every $1 you Invest in Your Marketing.

    Hear How You Will Dramatically Increase Your Business’s Sales and Profits With Royalty Rewards®!

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    Royalty Rewards® provides everything you need to launch and maintain its successful and profitable marketing program. Plus, Royalty Rewards® Coaches provide complete program and marketing support throughout our partnership.

    All program materials are branded for your business, incorporating your business name & logo and offered in a variety of color options. Plus, if we don’t have something that works for your business, you have the option of creating something fully custom.


    Full color, professional signage is specifically designed to get your customers begging to be a part of the program, taking some of the legwork off your team.

    Enrollment Forms & Loyalty Cards (Mobile options available)

    We will provide you with enrollment forms designed to sell your customers on the benefits of joining the program and get them excited to give you their contact information. Once enrolled, membership numbers & loyalty cards will allow you to track your members’ purchases and assign points to their account.

    Hardware (POS Integration & mobile options available)

    We’ll provide you with a Royalty Rewards® Terminal and Magic Wand™ so that tracking your program results is a cinch. Or if you’d like to integrate the program with your POS or management software or use our mobile options to manage the program on a tablet, we can set that up as well.

    Database Services

    Royalty Rewards® functions as your customer (and prospect) database. Using our easy-to-use online platform, you’ll be able to add new members and access campaign sales reporting and ROI tools.

    Royalty Rewards® is an integrated marketing program that uses direct mail, email, texting, and mobile-media to provide your business with the highest ROI for every campaign. A Royalty Rewards® Coach will work with you to setup a marketing program specific for your business and will provide complete program and marketing support throughout our partnership. Below are just some of the campaigns that will be fully automated for your business.

    Loyalty Awards

    Your members will earn 1 point for every dollar they spend in your business. Once they reach a threshold, determined by you, they will receive an Award Certificate rewarding them for their loyalty.

    Welcome Campaign

    The quicker your members receive and redeem a program benefit, the more likely they are to return to your business and spend more money. Our welcome campaign will ensure they are immediately rewarded for joining, welcomed to the program, and are aware of their exclusive member-only benefits.

    Birthday Campaign

    One of our most successful campaigns and for good reason! Everyone likes to be acknowledged on their birthday and you’ll be one of the few businesses (if any!) that celebrate this occasion with your members.

    Appreciation Survey & Online Reviews

    Our member appreciation survey is a valuable tool that will help you acquire real, honest feedback about the quality of the experience you provide to your members. For our most successful clients, not only does this survey capture positive comments directly from existing customers, it moves businesses up the online review ranks and in many cases, can make your business # 1 on Google Reviews!

    Email On Demand

    You’ll have total access to our email-on-demand system where you can create your own email to communicate important events and offers in your business, or we can write one for you!

    Sales Boost Campaigns

    Every month you can pick & choose for a wide variety of special occasion campaigns. You can depend on these campaigns to provide a boost in business whenever you need it. Here are some examples of just a few of our most popular special occasion campaigns:

    • No Peeking/Scratch Off
    • Thanksgiving
    • Mother’s Day
    • Tax Break Month
    • Happy Halloween
    • Easter & Happy Spring
    • 4th of July
    • Memorial Day & Remembrance Day
    • Double Points Month
    • Sewing Month
    • Romance Month
    • National Car Month / Car Care Month
    • Back to School
    • Father’s Day
    • St. Patrick’s Month
    • Mardi Gras
    • March Madness
    • Groundhog Day
    • Superbowl & World Series Promotions

    All Royalty Rewards® marketing is trackable and measurable – that’s how we know business owners using Royalty Rewards® are seeing on average $32.67 or more back for every $1 they invest in marketing their business.

    All program communications contain a unique barcode which identifies the member and, if applicable, the campaign they are redeeming. To track a transaction, simply scan the barcode and enter the sale amount. This transaction information will be transferred to your Royalty Rewards® database and updated in the member’s record and in campaign reporting. With unlimited access to member and campaign sales & redemption reporting, you’ll know exactly who is spending money in your business, how much they are spending, and which campaigns are working the best. And you won’t have to do it alone… your Royalty Rewards® Coach will be available to explain your results, suggest ways to improve & increase response, and stay on top of changes.

    Royalty Rewards® provides a variety of mobile options for members of the program and for businesses implementing the program.

    Member Smartphone Apps

    Royalty Rewards® Android and iPhone™ apps provide a convenient way for members to use their membership. After entering their member number, the App will automatically generate and store a unique barcode which can be scanned to track their purchases – so it totally eliminates the need to carry a loyalty card. Plus, members can quickly access their point balance, check on the status of their awards, and redeem marketing campaigns using these apps.

    Royalty Rewards® Wizard (& Merchant Smartphone App)

    The Royalty Rewards® Wizard will allow your team to enroll new members and capture transactions anywhere in your business using a tablet or smartphone. When accessed on a tablet, the simple interface can be used directly by customers who want to join the program immediately (without a paper enrollment form), or by team members who need to search members and add transactions in just a few clicks.

    Royalty Rewards Live™

    This simplified interface provides additional access to your account but is designed for ‘at-a-glance’ usage in conjunction with a Tablet. This access will ensure your team can search and update member contact and campaign information on the fly.