Here’s What You Missed! – Live VIRTUAL Event, Dec 2020

Here’s What You Missed!

At the beginning of December, Royalty Rewards® merchants came together online at our virtual Quantum Leap Live to kickstart their money-making plan to boost their sales in the 2021. You can attend for free and it’s as simple as clicking a button to join in!

Tim Paulson, our Billionaire Success Coach, welcomed us and led us through a discussion on discovering the “diamonds” you have in your business, and how to look at your business differently so you can move from surviving to thriving!

Michael Thibault, Director of Member Services, talked about how to Leverage the power of your Royalty Rewards® program to its fullest, including sure-fire ways to ensure EVERY single customer is enrolled in your Rewards program.

The Bonus afternoon session “Optimize Your Rewards Program for The New Economy” took a deep-dive into everything your Rewards program can offer you. Plus, merchants that were on the call were given special offers and FREE marketing materials for attending the event!

We had such a positive response to the Staff Breakout Session from both staff AND owners! All of the Royalty Rewards® Coaches were online to show staff members how the Rewards program worked, what their role was in making the program a success, and answer the question that many staff members have… “What’s in it for me?”

Overall, merchants who attended the virtual event came away rejuvenated and ready to ramp up their Rewards program to THRIVE in 2021!

Miss this event? Recordings from select sessions are available here. We will be holding more live Zoom sessions in the coming months so make sure you sign up when you see the next dates – previous attendees are always surprised at what they discover the program can do for them, how they can improve results, and create more engagement with their customers. Contact your Coach for more information.